Piano & Voice

Artist Development from 3+Music Lessons in piano, voice, or piano & voice together.

Basic Information - Services & Location

Tuition Model - Private Lessons
15, 35 & 50 Hours Package
Ages 3+ and Up
Voice all levels & beginner to intermediate piano.
** One Workshop Session **
Artist 8 +
2 hours
Birth to 3 - Music & Me - Group Music Class
Group Music Class for Mom's, Dad's, Guardians and Child(ren).
2 families minimum to 5 families maximum
at our location or your location
At Location:
Varies Based on your location


Do you offer school programming?
- Yes. Please email me on the contact form below for more details.
Do you offer music experiences for students younger than 3 years old?
- I am happy to facilitate a guided 'parent/guardian and child' private session package. See the Music & Me Section
Do you offer sessions during the weekdays?
- Yes.
How can I consume credit hours?
- Any way you like over the allotted days. Generally, 15 hours over 4 months; 35 hours over 8 months; 50 hours over 12 months. Unused credit hours expire. You can use all the hours or just some of the hours.
Need virtual content or online lessons?
-Yes, Send an Email!
Do you work with adults?
Yes, Send an Email!
Styles for voice?
Anything except death metal.
Can siblings or friends share a package?
Yes, you can split a package's hours between two people if you need.
Do you teach group lessons?
Send an email and we can talk about it!
What is a workshop session?
one-time session to help you with whatever music project you are working on, including skill building. Piano focused.

For Youth

Music is an essential part of life, and for many families, it's a dream to pass that love on to their children. But for many parents, it can be a struggle to find the right program that will engage and inspire their kids. Traditional piano and voice lessons can feel boring and uninteresting to children, leaving parents feeling frustrated and unsure of how to help their kids develop their musical talents.That's where our artist development sessions come in.Our artist development sessions offer a variety of options for families, including piano lessons, voice lessons, and general music lessons. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced musician, our sessions are tailored to their needs and goals. We also focus on the fun side of music, making sure that each lesson is engaging and enjoyable for the student.Music plays a crucial role in the development of children's brains, and our sessions use this to their advantage. Not only do we teach the technical skills needed to play an instrument or sing, but we also focus on how music can improve memory, focus, and creativity. Our lessons are designed to be interactive and stimulating, making sure that children are engaged and motivated to learn.So if you're looking for a program that will engage and inspire your children, our artist development sessions are the perfect choice.

Private Music Lessons & Workshops

Compose. Create. Curate.

- Optional Digital Portfolio Creation
- Optional Digital Marketing Support

For Adults

As adults, we often find ourselves caught up in the daily grind, feeling like there's no time for hobbies or self-improvement. But what if there was a way to combine work and play, to improve ourselves while having fun? That's where our adult artist development sessions come in.For sessions designed for adults who want to learn or improve their musical skills we take the time to understand the unique interests and goals of each student, tailoring the lessons to their needs. Feedback and extra motivation or even some extra research hands can help you reach your goals.Music is not only a form of self-expression but it also has many benefits to the brain, including reducing stress, improving memory, and increasing creativity. Our sessions focus on using these benefits to improve not only your music skills, but also your overall well-being.Our sessions also provide a great opportunity to network with other adults who share your passion for music. Whether you're looking to start a band or just want to socialize with like-minded individuals, our sessions offer a community where you can connect and create memorable experiences.Furthermore, if you have young children, taking lessons yourself so that you can teach your child and explore something new together is a great way to offer time to bond.In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to improve yourself while having fun, our adult artist development sessions are the perfect choice.

Private Music Lessons & Workshops

Compose. Create. Curate.

- Optional Digital Portfolio Creation
- Optional Digital Marketing Support

Music & Me Classes - Birth to 3

Ages 0 - 3Each Package includes sessions of 1 hour each.It's recommended to attend 2 sessions per week.You can expect:
To hear soft music
To see a variety of hand percussions for use,
To engage in sing-a-longs,
To dance,
To see floor pianos for use,
To use dancing scarfs,
To get body rhythm instruction,
To hear singing bowls,
To see some digital tech in use,
To have light refreshments for adults,
To take away a swag pack for at-home enrichment upon completion of all sessions.
After purchase, someone will reach out to the group point of contact to gather information for creating your customized experience and scheduling sessions.

Please allow 30 minutes for set up plus 30 minutes of break down & cleaning.Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior for sessions at our location.
For off-site classes there may be an additional fee to cover transportation and other logistics.
Sessions can be hosted at your home, event space of choice or at our location.

As parents it's natural to want to give your child every opportunity to grow and develop. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's where Music & Me Group Class comes in. Our program is specifically designed to help families with newborns through age 3 toddlers to enhance their child's cognitive, emotional, and social development through music and fun activities.Research has shown that music plays a crucial role in the development of a child's brain, and our program offers a fun and interactive way for families to tap into this. Our music program is the choice activity for playdates, creating memorable experiences to document and opportunities to connect with other families. Plus, our experienced educators and musicians specialize in working with young children and have a proven track record of success.Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child the gift of music and fun. Register your group for Music and Me today and watch your child's development soar. With our program, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the joys of parenthood without constantly worrying about providing the best for your child.

Desire Music. Rhythm. Movement. Fun.

Once you purchase a package, you will be contacted to coordinate the schedule for your sessions and confirm the location. Please note there may be up to $400 extra fee added for off-site sessions outside of DC proper.- There is a 2 quantity minimum (2 families) for larger groups add Groupon


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About Teacher

Juanita Blankumsee is a Voice and Piano teacher in the Washington DC area. With over 10 years of K-12 teaching experience.She began her music education concentrating in K-12 Music Education / Vocal performance and received a Bachelor’s degree at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) learning under noteworthy professors; L. Wayne Batty, Cindy Donnell and Anne Guthmiller.She later continued her studies of the SLS vocal method with Professor Leah Stone, a level 5 Professor. Ms. Blankumsee served as a teacher in public schools; overseeing choral programs, musicals and taught private Vocal and Piano lessons to students ranging from teens to adults.Juanita loves working with children and adults and is well versed in all music styles and can teach a wide range of classical to popular music.Juanita aims to create an understanding of critical listening, to teach students to discern and articulate what they value in music, and to emphasize the utility of music theory and the joy of composing. When teaching, Juanita loves to arrange music that specifically caters to each student’s interests. While Juanita is a seasoned musician, she is — more importantly — a lover of music and an educator. Juanita enjoys helping students and her main goal is to create a successful path for her students to understand the fundamentals of music to create their own expression.

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